Glitter and Silk Plastering

Capital Plastering Ireland say:

One of the main advantages of Silk Plaster liquid wall covering is that you will never need to clean it.

It also doesn’t absorb dust! By the way, Silk Plaster liquid wall covering is not only ecological but has no smell for its lifetime.

The wide variety of Silk Plaster’s colours ensures the universal usage in any kind of building. Light colours are ideal for small size apartments, bright colours can help to make big halls look grand and ceremonial, classical white colour will create an official atmosphere in your office.

Also it is very flexible and can be applied on columns, pillars and framed walls and any decorative area you like.

As well it insulates heat and hold walls warm, moreover Silk Plaster liquid allows walls to breathe! It’s a great pleasure to touch the wall with Silk Plaster finish coating! Capital Plastering Ireland say the benefits of Silk Plaster are:

  • hides uneven, old and faded walls.
  • allows partially repair!
  • perfect for new building, NO CRACKS!
  • long lasting and durable material!
  • anti-static so NO DUST and DIRT!
  • additional insulation of heat, moisture and sound!
  • permeable (allows walls to breathe)!
  • available in a large variety of natural and vibrant colours, shades and different textures!
  • excellent quality, stainless finishing material and unique price!

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